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Genus  Felis

The Jungle Cat (Felis chaus) is one of the many small cats of Asia thought they inch into Egypt. This cat hunts in open grassland and woodland. The name dose give the wrong impression because they do not live in jungles. This cat is once again an example of the typical solitary feline.     

The Wildcat (Felis silvestris) is found throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe. The one  pictured here is a Indian subspecies. They are related closely to the domestic cat. In fact the Egyptian wild cats are thought to have sparked the domestic cat.

The Sand Cat (Felis margarita)  is a part of Africa and Asia. These little cats are found in deserts of northern Africa to Pakistan.  This cat possesses large ears for picking up minute sounds and in the desert climate  the ears lose heat. The sand cat eats small rodents like the jerboa and vole, but also eats birds and reptiles. Water is the prey makes it possible for this cat to live in a habitat with no collective water sources.  To evade the heat of day the cats rest in holes dug near rocks and under bushes.

The Chinese Desert Cat (Felis bieti) is a cat for which little is known. Up until recently a photo of this cat was unobtainable. To my knowledge this may be the only photo available. One thing that is known is that this is not an animal of desert climate despite the name. The cat are found in mountainous regions of steppes and woods. This cat is hunted some for its fur as pelts will turn up in Szechuan markets taken from the eastern Tibatan plateau.

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